Dr. Siegfried Merz

Certified Public Accountant
Certified Tax Adviser

Certified Expert Lawyer for Taxation Law
Certified Expert Adviser for International Taxation

Curriculum Vitae Dr. jur. Siegfried Merz

Dr. Siegfried Merz (Doctor of Jurisprudence)
Dr. Siegfried Merz is a public accountant, tax consultant, solicitor at law, certified expert lawyer for taxation law and certified expert adviser for international taxation who is based in Darmstadt.

Dr. Merz began his legal studies in the year 1981. In 1986, he completed his first state examination in jurisprudence, in 1989 he finalised his second state examination in jurisprudence and received his admission as a solicitor at law. Thereafter, he acted on behalf of the chambers of Pünder Vollhard Weber (nowadays operating as Clifford Chance) in Frankfurt/Main.

In 1990, Dr. Merz established himself as an independent solicitor at law in Frankfurt/Main. Since 1992 his chambers have been located in Darmstadt.

In 1992 he completed his examinations to qualify as a tax consultant. Furthermore in 1992, Dr. Merz also obtained his doctorate with a thesis on the subject of “The taxation treatment of interest payments for share-issuing limited companies with a limited tax liability in relation to investments in property within Germany”. Since 1993 he has been a specialist lawyer for taxation law. In 1998 he additionally qualified as a chartered accountant.

The office cooperative MerzArnoldWuepper has existed in its present constitution since 1996.

Since 2004, Dr. Merz has been a member of the taxation committee of the chamber of commerce (IHK) in Darmstadt.

In 2007 Dr. Merz acquired the additional qualification certified expert adviser for international taxation.

Since 2008 Dr. Merz is a member of the board of certified expert advisers for international taxation with Chamber of Tax Consultants in Frankfurt/Main.